wood flooring in horsham and weybridge

At Euro-Pean Flooring in Horsham we pride ourselves at being wood flooring specialists. To show the quality of our works, we have put together some installation examples of wood flooring in Horsham, Weybridge and the surrounding areas of Surrey. If you require help with designing and installing wood flooring in your property – whether it be domestic wood flooring or commercial wood flooring in Horsham and beyond, then please contact us.

Oak flooring in Dorking

oak wood flooring in horsham

Beautiful oak engineered plank wood flooring in Horsham, installed in a dining room. The plank wood flooring was stuck down using polyurethane adhesives.

Walnut wood flooring in Weybridge

walnut wood flooring in weybridge

Here in a Weybridge development our wood flooring specialists fitted some engineered walnut flooring, stuck down with recommended floor adhesives which are compatible with under floor heating.

Walnut flooring with rug

walnut floor in the living room

In the same Weybridge flooring project as above, Walnut flooring was again used in the living room, and was beautifully enhanced with a rug made from 100% wool. This walnut flooring was also fitted using the latest flooring adhesive.

Birds eye view of engineered wood flooring in Croydon

wood flooring in croydon

A birds eye view of a living room where Euro-Pean Flooring in Horsham installed luxury engineered wood flooring in Croydon, Surrey, in a flat. The wood flooring extends seamlessly from the living room into the hallway as shown below.

Cats eye view of wood flooring in Croydon

seamless wood flooring

A cats eye view of the same installation of wood flooring in Croydon where the engineered wood flooring extends seamlessly into the hallway without any joins between the rooms.

Hallway wood flooring

hallway wood flooring

The Croydon wood flooring installation continued throughout the flat hallway up to the front door. Our Horsham wood flooring specialists cater for all types of wood flooring installations including luxury solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring.

Ply wood used to overlay floorboards

ply wood overlay

Work in progress where 6mm ply wood was used to overlay floorboards prior to an installation of wood flooring in Cobham.

Liquid dpm flooring

liquid dpm flooring in horsham

A Horsham home owner required an oak flooring installation. The job started with the concrete floor being tested for moisture. A high reading was recorded. Our Horsham flooring specialists advised a liquid dpm be installed prior to laying the wood flooring, to protect it from potential moisture damage.

Applying the liquid dpm

applying the liquid dpm

Following on, the dpm was supplied from F Ball adhesives and was expertly applied by trowel. This was then adhered to using recommended flooring adhesives and an engineered oak wood floor was installed.

Solid wood flooring in horsham

solid wood flooring in horsham

A close-up view of fitted solid wood flooring in Horsham. This luxury flooring simply achieves the best possible finish and is a speciality of our Horsham flooring company.

Wood flooring in horsham

wood flooring in horsham

A close-up view of another wood flooring installation in the town of Horsham. If you require any help or advice regards the design, supply or fitting of wood flooring then please feel free to contact our Horsham flooring company.

Different angle of the wood flooring in horsham installation

different angle

This is a different angle of the Horsham wood flooring installation above, showing how the wood is fitted at the exit of the room at the door.

West Sussex wood flooring

west sussex wood flooring

A close-up view of a wood flooring installation in Horsham, West Sussex.