flooring at the olympic site for coca cola

Euro-Pean Flooring in Horsham was tasked to construct a spiral walkway and external roof deck area for the Coca Cola Beat Box Pavilion at the Olympic site, enabling people to walk around in a loop with effectively the feel of walking around the edge of a coke can.

During the project our Horsham flooring specialists installed over twelve kilometres of decking boards to clad the external roof deck area and spiral walkway (which we built from scratch). All of the flooring boards were individually scribed into place and cut to size on site, then painted with a fire resistant hard wearing black paint to ensure durability and slip resistance for the expected visitor masses (in excess of 250,000 people) during the Olympic period.

This flooring in London project showcased the expertise and adaptability that Euro-Pean Flooring in Horsham provide as a commercial flooring solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help with your commercial flooring projects.

Steel structure before work commenced

day one on site

Day one on site showing the steel structure that was erected by a steelworks company prior to the arrival of our Horsham flooring experts at the Olympic site.

Horsham flooring experts erecting the first stage of the parapet wall

horsham flooring experts

This picture shows our Horsham flooring experts erecting the first stage of the parapet wall. This was very important to avoid any danger of people falling off the edge.

Celotex boarding

celotex boarding

Celotex boarding was placed down by us as a sound and heat insulation solution, and on top of that Firring pieces were cut to enable water to flow to drainage channels.

Elastomeric rubber coating

elastomeric rubber coating

The parapet wall and the roof terrace with the Olympic Stadium in the background. It was been treated with a waterproof elastomeric rubber coating which formed an impermeable water barrier, so effectively tanked out the entire roof.

Firring pieces in place

firring pieces in place

The Firring pieces in place with the floor joists running at right angles to them. See the Olympic stadium in the background.

Beginning the roof deck

beginning the roof deck

This picture shows us beginning the cladding to form the deck itself. This was effectively what the people walked on.

Four of our Horsham wood flooring installers working on the timber deck

our horsham flooring team

Four of our Horsham wood flooring installers working on the timber deck, now at three quarters of the way across. The circle was 13 metres in diameter and the boards were only 10cm wide. In total we used 12,000 lineal metres of timber to cover the roof flooring area.

Timber roof deck flooring

finished timber roof deck

This picture shows the finished timber roof deck prior to our wood flooring specialists applying the fire resistant hard wearing black paint coating.

Flooring spray tent

flooring spray tent

One of our Horsham wood flooring specialists spraying a fire resistant hard wearing black paint coating onto the timber, underneath a tent. In order not to produce any overspray onto the surrounding buildings and structures in the high winds, we created a tent on-site to contain our spray.

The deck coated with fire resistant paint

fire resistant black paint

Shows the flooring deck finished, coated with the fire resistant hard wearing black paint. Cables are being laid for the evening viewing lights in the walls. Our Horsham wood flooring specialists prepared the mounts ready for the electricians.

Spiral walkway flooring

spiral walkway flooring

The quarter mile long spiral walkway created entirely by our Horsham flooring experts, leading from the roof all the way to floor level. Each area of the walkway was joisted out by us onto the existing steel clad with OSB boards, and then overclad with matching decking boards.

Internal view of structure

internal view of structure

An internal view of the structure, with the lighting rig in place. You can clearly see the spiral walkway being constructed around the outside by our Euro-Pean flooring in Horsham team.

External spiral ramp

external spiral ramp

The external section of the spiral ramp. The wall starts at the top approximately four feet high but as the spiral works its way down the building it ends up four metres high. Our Horsham flooring specialists ensured that all areas were sprayed properly with the black fire resistant paint.

Lobby entrance with decking ramped down

lobby entrance

Lobby entrance area to the building, with all decking ramped down for safety and painted in the black fire resistant coating.

VIP area

vip area

Inside the structure within the all-white VIP area, which was the only area of the building not to receive a black paint coating.

Euro-pean flooring van in front of the finished product

euro-pean flooring van

The finished product lit up at night. Each of the red and white panels were interactive for the Coca Cola experience. If touched, some would play music or make special sounds while others would move.