how to measure a room for flooring

Homeowners are often confused as to how a room should be measured for a flooring installation. Whether you are having a luxury Wilton carpet fitted in your living room or a gorgeous Karndean vinyl floor laid in the kitchen, the floor measuring process is the same.

Euro-Pean Flooring in Horsham has written this article to provide you with an following easy to follow guide on how to measure a room for floor fitting:

  1. Measure the maximum width and length (1, 2) of the room flooring area. It is important to measure just past any door frames because carpet or vinyl should end up under the door itself.
  2. Multiply the width of the room by the length measurement to get an idea of the total floor area. For example 3m x 4m = 12m². Note that most carpet and vinyl prices are per square metre so this is an important calculation to get right.
  3. Now we need to work out the overall price of the flooring. To do this, multiply the total floor area calculated above by the square metre price of the flooring in question. For example 12 (m²) x £26 (per square metre) = £312.
  4. Add to the price any extras costs that the flooring retailer may impose such as gripper rods and door threshold strips. Note that at Euro-Pean Flooring we do not believe in confusing our customers with lots of extra costs. With our quotes there are no hidden charges. All extras are included in one all-in price. So £312 above would be the total cost including all extra materials needed for fitting.
  5. When measuring the room, if it is an unusual shape with for example bay windows (3, 4), the overall room flooring area measurements must still be taken. But do take the measurements of the irregular shape i.e. the bay window. Based on the measurements your flooring retailer may advise a more economical way to use the carpet or vinyl, as some products can be supplied in different widths. Note that any waste can be used in other areas such as stairs, or it can also be kept and used as rugs etc thus saving you money.
  6. If ordering a patterned carpet remember to ask your carpet retailer about pattern repeats.
  7. These instructions are supplied only as a general guide to help you. Above all else remember that if you are ever in doubt on room floor measurements just contact your flooring retailer, they should be happy to help.
Room floor measurement diagram