carpet stair runners and engineered oak wood flooring in cobham

View various portfolio works below from Euro-Pean Flooring Solutions, creating and fitting unique shaped stair runners in Cobham and engineered oak wood flooring in Cobham. Euro-Pean Flooring Solutions serve domestic customers across the South East. Please contact us to enquire.

Curved stair runners laid out prior to stitching

curved stair runners

Euro-Pean Flooring was tasked to create and install bespoke carpet stair runners in Cobham in time for a Christmas party. The works included matching up the surrounding carpet and creating a unique curved stair runner as the stairs widened at the bottom (this picture shows the carpet laid out prior to stitching).

Finished effect with the chrome stair rods in place

chrome stair rods

The Cobham stair runners were then sent off to have the edges bound before being installed using gripper rods, stuck to the marble stair using a specialist adhesive. Finally, solid triangular chrome stair rods were fitted to create an amazing feature (this picture shows the finished effect with the chrome stair rods in place).

Engineered oak wood flooring with step formed and clad on site

step formed on site

Our Horsham wood flooring experts were tasked to screed a floor and install engineered oak wood flooring in Cobham onto rubber underlay. The works spanned three rooms and took a two man team four days to complete (this picture shows one of the rooms with the step formed and clad by us on site).

Finished effect of the engineered oak wood flooring in Cobham

wood flooring in cobham

Materials used included levelling compound Uzin 152, foil back dense rubber underlay and XYLO Engineered Oak Wood Flooring. The floors had been damp which we overcame by applying a water based screed suitable for use under DPM, then installing the foil backed DPM underlay (see the beautiful finish in the picture).