euro-pean flooring in horsham and the guild of master craftsmen

Our Horsham flooring company, Euro-Pean Flooring is delighted to have been elected and approved for membership to The Guild of Master Craftsmen. Our membership number is A118909.

The aims of The Guild include “bringing together all skilled people engaged in a craft, art, trade, profession or vocation in order to safeguard the interests of craftsmen and the public”, and one of their major objectives is to “promote high standards of quality and service in all aspects of commercial life”.

As consumers, whether we are looking for a new carpet for the living room, vinyl flooring for the kitchen or lino for the bathroom, most of us ask friends and colleagues for recommendations on who can do a good job for us. Unfortunately good recommendations are sometimes just not possible, and this is where The Guild of Master Craftsmen comes into their own.

All applicants to The Guild must submit confidential references from customers that are satisfied with the job the applicant has done, and those referees are asked whether they are likely to recommend the applicant to close friends and relatives. Following the full review process, and only once The Guild´s Council of Management are satisfied, is the applicant approved.

Euro-Pean Flooring in Horsham subscribe to The Guild´s high standards of business ethics and practice. We have a responsibility to achieve high standards of workmanship and our election and approval to membership shows the confidence of The Guild´s Council of Management that we will maintain these standards.

Our Horsham flooring company joined The Guild of Master Craftsmen to give confidence to our customers that we are experts in all aspects of flooring, and have high standards of supplying and fitting all floor finishes including Wood, Carpet, Vinyl and Laminate.
Please note that as of 2014, Euro-Pean Flooring are not currently members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen.