heathrow flooring at lsg skychefs

Euro-Pean Flooring in Horsham was tasked to refurbish a new office, customer entertainment centre and production facility for LSG SKYCHEFS, a company that prepare airline meals, based in Heston near Heathrow Airport.

The Heathrow flooring project spanned a total period of four months, utilizing on average a team of six of our Horsham flooring experts, and was coordinated around other trade works through the entire process (including weekends).

Below are photos from the Heathrow flooring project, which included installing ceramic wall and floor tiles, safety vinyl flooring and engineered oak flooring. If you require commercial flooring works then please contact us. We serve commercial customers all over London and the South East.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles

ceramic wall and floor tiles

One thousand square metres of ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles (selected by the client) were installed in the show kitchen areas and also in the main lobby and entrance areas. They were fitted over a six week period using a flexible adhesive.

Our Horsham flooring specialists achieved a high quality finish

safety vinyl flooring

Safety vinyl flooring was installed over a three week period to all staff canteen and toilet areas to achieve a non-slip yet cleanable floor finish. It was fitted on a latex screed layer and liquid DPM because the floors were showing high signs of moisture when tested.

A view of the customer lounge area

ardex liquid dpm

Liquid DPM was used to overcome residual humidity in the screed before fitting the safety vinyl flooring. And as Horsham vinyl flooring experts, we used Ardex DPM 1C, which allowed us to apply just one coat to form a barrier to the moisture in the floor, moving the project forward instead of having to wait for the screed to fully dry out.

Engineered oak flooring

engineered oak flooring

Five hundred square metres of engineered oak wood flooring was installed in the customer lounge areas, and was fitted using a specialist acoustic underlay to minimize impact sound transmission.

Trims fitted to achieve safe transition between differing floor finishes

high quality finish

Trims were then supplied and fitted to achieve a safe transition between the differing floor finishes. Our Horsham wood flooring specialists worked tirelessly over a two week period to achieve a very high quality finish for the client.

Good hard wearing wood flooring in Heston

hard wearing floor

The 18mm multilayer engineered oak was used to provide a good hard wearing floor, and it was laid on top of an acoustic rubber layer which was set into adhesive. This meant that any impact sound was not transferred to the rooms below.